Pete Smith

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I first met Pete Smith in the late 80’s while lumberjacking in Montana. Pete was all of fourteen at that time. He and his older brother were raised be his folks, Doc and Kathy Smith and his Great Grandparents, Bob and Betty Chambers in that small, little mining community of Anaconda, Montana, an old copper smelting boomtown of the late 1800’s. Anaconda sits exactly one mile high in the Pintler Mountain Range. Young Pete would come up the Mountain to my cabin. He invited me over to the Chambers’ one Sunday for a fine spread of a meal, I do believe we became family that day.
Pete’s Pappy, Doc, was a combat medic in ‘Nam and recipient of the Silver Star and multiple Purple Hearts and lived elsewhere for a spell. It was my pleasure to have met him several times.
Pete went on to do ten years in the U.S. Air Force as an Avionics Technician. Pete stayed in touch over the years and today we are partners in a small production company, PETE’S FEATS . Music, that’s what we do. Touch hearts! We’ve been accuse of being a tad “touched”.
Pete is the Executive Producer of the outfit. Pete is a fine Ragtime piano player, a five string banjo player and he plays a little guitar. Pete played percussion throughout grade school and high school. We wear roots boots.
Pete Smith is qualified and licensed to fly anything from a 737 to a Lear Jet, from a turbo prop, a Super King Air to flying bush in Alaska, from floats to wheels. All of the Above so to speak. A man could not ask for a better partner. When we get this music biz figured out perhaps we’ll be flying high!
ALL IN TIME is our second project. RIDER COMIN’ IN was our first. Both of these projects we’re recorded in Austin, Texas. That’s where we like it. At Layton DePenning’s ELMO’S LAB and Mike Morgan’s ZONE with Pat Manske engineering.
It has been a long and winding road since THE RIDER COMIN’ IN project in 2008.
We need to guitar this thing off the ground and into the air (waves) m’ man.

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