A Rake and a Ramblin Man

Copyright © Will Callery 5/30/2013

ALL IN TIME is a bit of an autobiographical piece with the scarlet thread of redemption runnin’ thru it. From being raised up on the banks of that little river town, Yellow Banks, to downin’ my first few shots of whiskey at 12 years old, there being three major distilleries in that little town of 10,000 souls, to swimming in the big waves of the occasional passing Paddle Wheel, tanglin’ with the river toughs and an overwhelming yearning for adventure, driven by a restless wayward wind, wanderlust and the deep yearnings of a rebel, I took off.
That river I was raised up on, the Ohio, well she’s a mile wide there separating North from South. She’s the Mason Dixon Line and I was always bound to cross a line or two. “You’ve crossed the line now boy”. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is there, right up river from that little town. Mark Twain’s home is just down stream to where She meets the Mississippi, then a stretch up stream to Hannibal, in or just within reach of that little town of Yellow Banks known today as Owensboro.

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