Will Callery Photos 01

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  1. Rick Gordon

    It was terrific speaking with you this evening – hell it was terrific just to find you and hear back from you:)
    I’ve been looking around a bit on your great site, and need to cover a lot more I used to think B&W was only through the 60′s, but wow, it’s so cool to see you with David Lindley!

    I’m going to hunt a bit longer, and hopefully hear some tunes and see some color pics of you.
    Looking forward to talking tomorrow – I’m good after 3PM and better as the day wears on.
    I’ll leave you a few sites to hear some tunes and short video clips – they’re mostly the same on each site,
    but Fandalism and SoundCloud will have some different ones. They were all recorded at home with very cheap mics.
    I can send you a few CDs of me and of me with Walter if you like. I don’t know if you heard any of the two posthumous
    CDs we did after Walter passed, (I dropped him off at the airport after a Heavenly three day gig in Key West) but we recorded
    about 40 songs that his widow, Heidi, had found guitar/vocals for. I’m only certain that Vol. 1 was released – don’t know if she ever released Vol. 2,
    which had our song, “Houston Town.” I don’t want to clutter up this space with my stuff – it’s supposed to be about you! So give me an email address and I’ll
    send you some links, etc.
    Back to your site……..


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