Hands on the Wheel

“At a time when the world seems t’ be spinnin’
Hopelessly out of control
There’s deceivers, believers and old inbetweeners
That seem t’ have no place t’ go”

Ever feel that way? I reckon we all have, I reckon I’ve played all three of those parts, the deceiver, the believer and that old inbetweener. This world is in a tail spin and home, well ain’t that a place we’re all lookin’ for. To me home is where my heart is and my heart, it’s in this song.

“In the shade of an oak down by the river
Sits my daughter, my wife and my boys (an’ m’ dog)
Settin’ sails, spinnin’ tales, fishin’ for whales
‘Neath the shade of a cherry bark oak”

“ It’s the same old song, it’s right and it’s wrong
And livin’, that’s just somethin’ I used t’ do
Now my hand’s on the wheel of somethin’ that’s real….”

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