From the Louisiana Bayou Country to wherever the Marine Corps took that boy, from the rodeo circuit of wild bulls and saddle broncs, from movie stunt man into them Texas honky tonks and recording studios of Austin came Skeet Anglin. A singer songwriter and a fine one was he. Walkin’ into Rough Cedar Studios late one night, somebody took me over there, said I had to meet this fella. Our paths crossed that hot and humid mid summer night. It was as though we’d known each other forever. A roots man from Louisianne, writing and singing about heart aches and other great joys of life, livin’ it day to day, dark stormy nights that would always blow themselves out to sea and sunny days that never end, livin’ on the road my friend and outridin’ them boys from down below. Skeet was a champion and a champion of a fellow.
I hadn’t seen Skeet in twenty five years. When we met again he was walkin’ with a cane, damaged from the storms, rodeos and falls and maybe a little hard livin’ here and there had taken its toll, don’t it though! I’ll never forget the last thing I ever heard Skeet Anglin say, “ I just want to move back to Louisiana and play croquette with my grandkids.” God bless you Skeet Anglin. You are a Champion and a friend. Have many a great game!

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