Catfish John

Some go to see the world, some go to change the world, some go with the great and noble zeal of defending The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. We thank you each and every one, every fathers daughter and every mothers son. All that embark on that journey whether drafted or go willingly come home changed, damaged or maimed, changed forever, some damaged beyond repair. Thus goes the story of Catfish John and his childhood friend.
This song is dedicated to my Great Grandfather Edgar Allen Poe, who served with Teddy Roosevelt at San Juan Heights, Cuba in the Spanish American War. He came home with wounds and malaria and died shortly thereafter. He was a medic.
To my Grandfather Bert Woodard, who was Horse Cavalry somewhere down along the Mexican Border.
To Bert’s son, my father, William Woodard, 8th Army Air Corp. He was a B-17 pilot he never came home. He was awarded the Silver Star, The Bronze Star and multiple Purple Hearts. He was 23.
To my stepfather Captain John Callery, Artillery, Pacific Theater, WWII.
To Pete’s pappy Doc Smith, medic, Viet Nam, who wears the Silver Star and multiple Purple Hearts.
To my son in law Joshua Elof Seley and his new bride, my daughter Annah Poe Seley for their deployments in the Persian Gulf (two each) On the USS John C. Stennis. Annah was AO. She worked the Flight Deck and was gunner on the fantail (twin .50’s). She is home and out. Joshua is a 1st Class Petty Officer still serving his country.
To Old Felix Dauenhauer, US Navy, WWII, a sailor on the Antietam and an Iwo Jima Veteran.
To Ron Dauenhauer, US Army, Vietnam.

“There’s one or two in every small town….”

Yours Truly,
William Woodard Callery
Light Infantry, 100th Division. ’63-’67

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