The Road to Forgivness

“The Road To Forgiveness is a road seldom traveled
Where you are the only one
There’s no more sorrow and lives left unraveled
Where the river of life freely runs” (Joe Forlini)

Harbor unforgiveness in our hearts and we become the very thing we detest. – w.c.

“Seven Dusty Sisters dance before the Lord
And The Road To Forgiveness shines so bright
When the Dayspring flows the rivers rise
Filling up our thirsty souls with Life” wc

Seven Dusty Sisters is the constellation Pleiades. When she appears Spring is nigh, bringing smiles and laughter, light and life and oh how they dance shakin’ off the dust of the long, cold winter. Forgiveness, ain’t it like Springtime. A Dayspring from on high. It’s a road you can travel though you are the only one. The Road To Freedom.

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