Gospel Feats

Thru the twists and turns, thru the ups and downs, thru the course of life most of us lay aside any intervention of Divine Providence as being luck or fate, handing over the creation of a magnificent world, the astounding surrounding universes, all their beauty and intrinsic timing to some type of cosmic blowout while while claiming geniushood and blaming the wars and rumours of war, the wickedness of mankind and our own deceitful ruthlessness on a God we don’t believe in.
I grew up a heathen. As Bee Spears would have said “ heathern”, a rebel, a two fisted drinker and at times a brawler. I did not come thru or return to some great religious background. I loved my whiskey, my cocaine and lifestyle. There is no way on God’s green earth I just decided to quit thirty years of addiction – “Ok, I’m all done now, think I’ll change. Think I’ll go become a nice cleancut white cracker.”
I was in and out of rehab on and off for years tryin’ to get away from those shadows. Actually, it was more like tryin’ to get them off me. For three or four years before the day of that “Great Favor” I was out of control. I’d been thru no small amount of cocaine, a little china white and a fifth of rum the day of that “Great Favor”. I walked away “clean” that day. In the twinkling of an eye it was over. I cannot tell you it did not happen. I cannot tell you it was anything but Divine Favor. Try and catch the drift! Try and catch a thief! It’s like tryin’ to catch the wind. Am I creationist? Yes! Thank you Lord for that “Great Favor”. Don’t it make you wanna dance!!!

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